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Message from the Federation of Light

Greetings dear ones,

We come at a time that is most challenging for all of you on Earth. We have heard all of your concerns and many of you have had questions for us. Your concerns are valid dear ones, and never before have you felt such vulnerability as everything appears to be spinning out of control.

It is helpful to remember that you have been here before in history. That is where the fear is coming from. It's the cellular memories awakening in you from a time long ago. Do not react but instead, hold firm to what your truth is.

We have been guiding you to hold the light and remember the light has already won. The darkness on your planet has been running rampant, and many have been dragged into it. Do not focus on what appears before you but hold the vision of the world you would like to see. What you put your attention on grows.

Many are waking up from their long nap and recognizing that we need each lightworker to do their part. It will take some time to fully turn around from the damage that those dark ones have done to the planet, but we fully believe it will happen.

Stay in your own space and allow nothing into your hearts but light. Send compassion out to those being swept up in the dark current, and remember that those who have not raised their vibration enough may be influenced by it.

Sometimes your friends or family may be used to get to you or knock you off-center. It doesn't mean they are dark, only vulnerable. If this happens, don't react to it.

As you move into the summer months know that there will be different scenarios you will bear witness to in the bigger picture with Earth. We say to you, do not react or give it energy. The dark will use anything it can to put its hooks in you emotionally for that is the weakness humans have. It's funny that many beings have envied you for being able to feel so deeply, yet it’s your emotions that are your greatest weakness as well!

As the months of summer approach, we say to you to get in shape on all levels. Practice non-reaction and witnessing. Be the observer no matter what is happening around you. Stretch yourself even more on all levels. Challenge yourself to just be.

We speak of challenging your physicality even more. Get in shape so you can better prepare on all levels. Most importantly, keep believing and know all is possible in the light.

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