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Keep Stretching Your Heart Open

More important than anything right now is to keep working on opening our hearts. I heard an astrologer say that in the future our abundance may be linked to the frequency of the heart. The higher the heart frequency, the better you can create your reality in a positive way. Understanding that it isn’t from all the doing in our lives, it’s from the being state. When we are in the higher heart, we lookout for all, and we know what’s really important to many.

Over the years we had it all wrong. It’s not about what we can buy, it’s the state we can achieve within. Being in a state of peace makes it all better. We become satisfied with the important things in life. If we feel from a different place, our hearts can lead the way. Our heart is an electric magnetic and we’re all upgrading whether we know it or not.

Treat your heart well. Don’t hold onto old issues or hurts, for it is not worth it. Get enough rest each night as well. It will help you deal with other issues.

We have an opportunity to get in the body once and for all and appreciate it. Especially since it’s our temple on earth. Every cell in our heart and our body has to upgrade to these new energies coming in. This is not easy as we have no map to navigate through this time. Cells are resonating faster and faster like a perfect symphony in our bodies. Every organ and gland need to make the shift. This is why many people have been struggling with their health in one way or another. We are trying to shed the energetics that no longer serves us so we can climb the spiritual ladder and merge with aspects of our higher selves. That will happen when our heart bursts through to these higher dimensions. It will be like a telephone line to our higher self. We will be able to have better communication. I call it 5-D. Like a 5th Dimension new phone upgrade. Forget 5-G. 5-D will blow us away. The heart will be the receiver of this information for it will know instantly what feels right or not.

In the meantime, keep practicing your gratitude and acts of kindness, meditate and focus syncing up your breath picturing your heart breathing with it and seeing it opening like a beautiful flower. This will help align you with what’s coming next.

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