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Follow Your Path

From time to time we may get knocked off our path in some way. It may be time to re-center yourself. What would it be like to review and renew yourself and your purpose? Maybe you have been trying to keep yourself safe by playing it too small. Maybe you have made excuses about not being able to pull the trigger of moving forward. Sometimes we just need to take a break in the moment to tap into our belief that we can and will keep following our path. Being true to our path means being true to ourselves and to the people that will be helped by us following that path. Destiny can take us on unexpected turns, bends, and dips in the highway of life, but it's important to remind yourself that all of it is valuable and priceless in learning how to accomplish what you came here to do. Maybe it's time to breathe new life into old ideas or to take a new pathway that will circle you back around to your dreams. All roads lead to home, so follow your carved out path to the destination you were meant to arrive at and above all, follow your heart.


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