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Finding Your Inner Muse

How do you choose to express yourself these days? Without the excuse of "I don’t have the time", many are choosing to try different things to occupy themselves and find their inner muse. What are your creative gifts and how are you expressing them?

Some find solace in writing, dancing, drawing, or music. Whether you are the passive one who is just enjoying someone else’s form, or you are the one creating as you are discovering your gifts at the same time, it doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s our job to appreciate the many ways in which humans can create.

Sometimes we prefer to spend time with our animal companions that we love. Do you ever wonder why they don’t seem to get under our skin the way people do? These gifts from God are always there to support and love us. This is a perfect way to learn to receive love and remember they need love as well. They always appreciate it when we make time for these enlightened souls.

Others like to spend time in nature. Walking, bike riding, hiking, or jogging are great ways to appreciate this gift of being free to observe nature. When we are no longer quarantined, we will be able to embrace the Summer Season and enjoy all of this.

We will no longer take a walk in nature for granted. With every breath, we take, appreciate it. Whatever your inner muse delights in, feed that soul often. This is the part of us that holds joy and the potential of more joy. Let the muse choose what she wants to add to your day. It could be many different things and as this is the child's self, let her or him feel like they have some say or control on what’s going on. Try it….

you will like it……

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