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Core values lead the way

As we continue to live our life, it's important not to just go through the motions. How many of us are truly living it? One thing is true, so many people are unhappy or unfulfilled with the way they are living their life. That's why when we ask ourselves if time and money were not an issue, what would you be doing to live your life, it is so completely different from the life you are living now. Most of us can't even imagine that we have the right to create and live a different life.

What if we could?

A good starting point is to get clear on what your core values are. If you're not clear on this, it can leave you spinning your wheels, and at some level, you will sabotage the very thing you're trying to create. If you're not sure of your core values, you can Google a complete list and ask yourself what really matters most to you. Your core values come from the most important beliefs you have. This is the foundation of you.

Once you have your list, circle about 5 core values that mean the most to you - it could be family, integrity, honesty, fun, or whatever you believe to be true.

Then ask yourself how does my life support my core values? You can break it down and ask for every area of your life. If it doesn't support them, you are out of alignment. Then allow yourself to dream a little, and look at what might be a course correction you can do to start turning your ship around. Although it takes a long time to turn a ship around once it changes direction, by taking small supportive steps before you know it you will be on the way to a new life unfolding.

Once that is in motion, keep with it even if you don't see results yet. Also, it is important to enjoy the journey while you resetting your course. Let your values lead the way, and stop looking outside of yourself, and relax your heart is leading the way.💕


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