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This is a time when we’re not only cleansing our body but our soul as well. What used to seem as a yearly cleansing, now seems weekly. We have been going through so much as we clear away the residue of the effects of this dense dimension. You can almost feel all the slime on your body or in your energy field. We could really use sage daily as a way to just keep the balance in our house.

Why is it that everything seems so amplified? I believe that from the depths of this earth much has been shaken up and let loose. Old stagnant energies that represent old negative emotions or old outdated traumas that the earth had to go through in different civilizations. As Mother Earth has said ENOUGH! She is now allowing a cleansing to take place that each one of us is helping her to purge. It really is up to each one of us to do our share of lifting these old energies. As we look around us, it isn’t too hard to see the effects of all that has happened. Some are taking care of themselves by meditation, resting, and re-setting. By doing this and being more still, it helps to release through the path of least resistance.

Many are coming in to see me with new symptoms of anxiety and feeling like their going to have a panic attack. I really think this is due to the amplification of these energies that are trying to move through us. For some, the energies are getting stuck in the bodies grid. When they get stuck, they just bounce around inside us looking to be transmuted. If they can’t be transmuted into higher frequencies, they can feel like they're irritating the insides of our body. The result of this may leave you feeling exhausted, yet you can’t sleep; short of patience and snapping at those you love; wanting to just crawl out of your skin; and last, losing all interest in your life as you know it. Sound familiar? I repeat the only way to resolve this is by slowing down. Long salt baths help as well. Ultimately only you can be responsible for your own body, so start to Slow down...Simmer down...and Sink into a comfy chair and relax. Soothing music helps as well.

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