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Beings of Light

The Galactic Federation of light is very present around us trying to send the message that we’re not alone. At this very auspicious time, it's important to know others are helping us to hold the vision of a peaceful reality on earth. They are like overseers or guardians trying to balance out these crazy energies that are wreaking havoc on this plane. Although they are not allowed to intervene with free will in this dimension, they do try to send us messages of raising our vibration. As we try to ascend Mother Earth and all her people, other planetary systems have gone through or are going through the same process. It's really so much more than just our planet. It's the whole galaxy.

As I say this, I am reminded of all the science fiction movies I have watched in the past and I am seeing many of their theories coming true. The most far-fetched scenarios aren't so far-fetched anymore. It's almost like if you want to know what's coming next, watch those movies. When you go back and revisit some of the Star Treks or other ones, they all make sense! They talked about visiting other planets to try to help them because of shortages of resources, climate changes, power issues, and people fighting amongst themselves. Sound familiar?

I know there are messages being sent subliminally to help us understand that they are here as our allies. Now I'm not speaking for every species of interplanetary systems but I know the federation is of the highest light. Many of us have galactic roots originally and may feel like you're welcoming their help. Others may feel indifferent or even neutral towards them, but isn't that what many are doing on earth right now? They are singling out people that may be different from them and having an opinion about them without even knowing them? Haven't we learned anything? As much as we think we’ve grown spiritually, sometimes it seems like we’re back in kindergarten. I think it's important to use your own discernment before making judgments on things you don't know and then do your own research on them. Then you can have an educated opinion, one that isn't about judging. Whatever happened to seeing our differences as unique? Remember to use your nonjudgmental curiosity and if in the future you want to dissect something you don't understand, look at your consciousness.

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