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Being Happy With Ourselves

I meet many people in my travels and their seems to always be a dominant theme around either not being happy with themselves or their life. Now on one hand I know I attract that because of the business I’m in, but I’m always reminded that happiness comes from within. We need to remember that how we view our life, becomes our life. Sometimes we Have circumstances that may challenge us to the core, but we are only defined by them if we think we are. We are bigger than any circumstance and we have been equipped with creative abilities and different ways to solve any problem. The important part of this is to remember that this to shall pass. If we refuse to let any outside situation or influence take our joy away no matter what, then we can move through these challenges with our happiness in tact. Our world is constantly bombarding us with messages about how we all have to be perfect. We must have perfect bodies, perfect relationships, perfect kids, and everything else and if we don’t, then we must purchase something, or seek something outside of our self to correct it. We have thousands of solutions for just about anything. You can alter your body, go to therapy, buy a larger home, get a promotion and still you may find yourself unhappy. When we finally unplug from the bigger & better, that may give you bragging rites in the moment, but still leave you feeling empty inside. We waste money, energy and lots of time, only to find that the high eventually leaves us only to feel let down by life once again and the void never seems to get filled. I have been on my own search for my whole life and have recently been happy with myself, life and all that’s in it. I attribute this to knowing that happiness is an inside job. I get it! Here’s the Magic formula. When you stay in the present moment and accept what is, what you’ve just accepted changes! I’m no longer waiting for anything outside of myself to change before I can be happy. We never know when our head will hit the pillow for the last time, so don’t waste your precious time trying to control circumstances or other people. Happiness will always be an inside job and the good news is that it doesn’t cost anything, anyone can accomplish it and it’s only about you. Don’t put your happiness off for even one more minute, because the price is much to high to pay. Use these amazing eclipse energies to piggyback back off of and make yourself a promise that you are willing and able to let your joy and happiness come first no matter what. Start by intending to do it for even a month and see what happens to your life!

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